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  Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited

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Share Holding Information

Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited

Pattern of Shareholding as at March 31, 2015

Categories of Shareholders Shares Held Percentage
Directors, Chief Executive Officer, and their Spouse and Minor Children 732,218,306 34.87
Associated Companies, Undertakings and Related Parties 889,575,188 42.36
Sponsors 148,773,607 7.08
Executive 1,181,618 0.06
Public Sector Companies and Corporation 10,016,542 0.48
Banks, Development Financial Institutions, Non Banking Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Takaful, Modarabas and Pension Funds 113,224,965 5.39
Mutual Funds 31,444,754 1.50
General Public    
  a. Local 86,318,789 4.11
  b. Foreign 1,802,182 0.09
Foreign Companies 29,906,288 1.42
Others 55,537,761 2.64
Total 2,100,000,000 100.00
Fatima Group of Companies